Compact fluorescent is a generic term used for a variety of bulbs. CFL's use less 20-40% energy to produce more light per watt and are color adjusted to produce light close to real sunlight.

The Compact disc (CD) is described as a thin, round, reflective disc that stores digital data in the form of microscopic pits and lands and that can be read by a laser.

Commercial sector revolves around an energy-consuming sector that consists of service-providing facilities and equipment of: businesses; Federal, State, and local governments; and other private and public organizations, such as religious, social, or fraternal groups.

Combined transport is the term used to describe the utilisation of different modes of carriage. It normally embraces intermodal, multi-modal, bi-modal and and "road - on - rail" methods of transportation.

Deutsch: Zirkus / Español: Circo / Português: Circo / Français: Cirque / Italiano: Circo

The circus is a traveling show put on by clowns, acrobats, and trained animals. A circus often travels from city to city to perform inside a big tent.

Cider vinegar is characterized as a flavorful vinegar made from the cider of fermented apple juice. Apples that are grown during the fall or winter when higher sugar levels are present are the varieties commonly used for making cider vinegar..It is also called apple cider vinegar. 

Chorus refers to an electronic device that can split a signal, mildly shifting the pitch and timing of one part, then mix it back in with the original signal. The effect is roughly like several people (they?re the chorus) playing the same part at the same time. Solstice has effects loops to allow convenient interface with chorus effects.

Cassava is the root of tropical plants (e.g. manioc) that are used for the production of starchy flour; in some countries, cassava flour is used in admixture with wheat flour for bread production.

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