Advice can refer to:
1. An opinion given about what to do, or how to behave;
2. A piece of information, "we received a a news that your sister gave birth";

3. Counseling to perform a specific illegal act, used in criminal law;
4. In complexity theory, an advice is a string with extra information used by Turing machine or other computing device.
The term advice should not be confused with the word advise.

Complexity theory is sometimes used as a broad term addressing the study of complex systems, including subjects such as chaos theory, artificial life, and genetic algorithms

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"Advice" is in the NAICS Code "523930"
(Investment Advice Investment advisory services, customized, fees paid by client)

Ref: 120807/2006-09-19

Advice refers to an opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; to give counsel.

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"Advice" is in the NAICS Code "52393"
Investment Advice

Ref: 86299/2006-09-13

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