Cattle Feedlots this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in feeding cattle for fattening.

Catalytic cracking describes a refining process by which certain crude cuts are broken down or cracked into simpler hydrocarbon compounds at the molecular level by means of extreme heat, pressure, and exposure to a chemical catalyst. Essentially, the process changes the long-chain hydrocarbon molecules of less valuable crude components into more-valuable shorter-chain compounds.

Catalyst is defined as a chemical which, under certain conditions, stimulates a chemical reaction (i.e. molecular change) in another compound without being consumed in the reaction.

Castor (bean) refers to an ancient plant from which oil is extracted and used in high-performance lubricants, cosmetics, waxes, nylons, plastics, and coatings.

Casters is defined as the two small wheels at the front or the rear of a wheelchair which swivel in all directions. They contribute to the maneuverability of the wheelchair and come in either solid or pneumatic styles.

Casket includes a coffin and means a rigid container designed for the encasement of human remains and customarily constructed of wood or metal, ornamented and lined with fabric.

Casino hotel refers to a commercial building providing accommodation, meals and other services to visitors of a publci building or room for gambling for payment of a public building or room for gambling.

Casino entrance refers to the front, exterior, and face of a public building or room for gambling . A façade (sometimes just facade) is the exterior of a building - especially the front, but also sometimes the sides and rear. The word comes from the French language, literally meaning "frontage" or "face".