An american english word which refers to a central area or a place where a specified activity is concentrated or specified facilities, information, etc are available.

Consultancy involves a person either contracting privately or through his or her office to provide professional advice in return for financial remuneration either to the individual or to the company.

Consultancy services are one particular type of service delivered under a contract for services. They are distinguished from other contracts by the nature of the work performed.

Coking refers to a refining process by which the denser, heavier products of the distillation process are converted to lighter products such as cat feed and naphtha, and petroleum coke, a solid, coal -like fuel.

Cash register is machine that records customer transactions.Cash registers range from manual ones, which simply display amounts charged for items, tax and total, to fully functioning computers and networked point-of-sale systems with a host of features.

Container terminal refers to an assigned area in which large metallic box designed to hold many smaller boxes or packages, and used for convenience in loading and unloading large quantities of freight, such as on ships, trains, or airplanes. are prepared for loading into a vessel, train, truck, or airplane or are stacked immediately after discharge from the vessel, train, truck, or airplane

A Centrifuge process is an enrichment method that separates gaseous isotopes by rotating them rapidly in a spinning tube, thereby subjecting them to centrifugal force.

A Centrifuge is characterized as a rotating vessel for uranium enrichment. The heavier U238 isotopes in the UF6 gas tend to concentrate at the walls of the centrifuge as it spins. Scopes are placed inside the centrifuge to selectively separate the U238 and U235 isotopes.

Crazing refers to a covering of fine or minute cracks on the surface of a material , usually a glazed ceramic. Crazing is different from cracking in that crazes cannot be felt on the surface, which can continue to support loads. Crazing may also appear on thermoplastics such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, on single-ply roofing membranes and even concrete . The term is also used in odontology to describe fine cracks in the enamel of teeth.

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