Cooperative is characterized as a group in which several retailers pool their resources to buy products at a discount from manufacturers; also called group buying.

Consumption is a term that can refer to:

1. The using up of goods or services or the amount used up.

A protective covering that covers or forms the top of a building having the form of, or resembling, a geometrical cone; round and tapering to a point, or gradually lessening in circumference.

Chemical research center( (US); chemical research centre (UK)) refers to a point or place where detailed and careful investigation about a substance used for producing a chemical effect; a reagent with the aim of discovering and applying new facts or information .

Chemical plant refers to an industrial plant where chemicals are produced.

Channel a river or lake pathway for boat s, especially relevant where there is a narrow channel meandering under the surface of a large body of shallow water.

Chalet refers to a summer cottage or country house in the Swiss mountains; any country house built in the style of the Swiss cottages.

Center demolition refers to the tearing-down of the central area of a public building or room for gambling.

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