Cinematographic camera is described as device which is used to make color cinematograms on light sensitive multi-image films.

Chintz is originally referred to as any printed, cotton fabric. Now refers to fabric with a glazed or polished surface.

China cabinet is described as: a display cabinet, usually with glass sides and front, used to exhibit fine china collections.

Chest freezer is described as a freezer that is accessible from the top through a lid.

Chemosterilant pertains to a pesticide that interrupts reproduction of pests.

Chemistry is the science of the composition, structure, properties and reactions of matter.

Character generator is defined as a computer hardware or software device that provides a means for formulating a character font and as a controlling function during printing.

Crinkle cotton refers to wrinkled or puckered cotton obtained by cloth, construction or finishing. It is prelaundered and made from cotton finishing.