Clock is term that can refer to:

1. A device for telling the time of day;

A Coin is described as a flat piece of metal issued by the government as money.

Cork is the inner bark of the evergreen cork oak (Quercus suber). This variety of oak covers approximately 2.5 million hectares, primarily in seven countries, which are:

China is characterized as 1) A porcelain clay body, with up to one percent absorption, usually translucent; industry fires high to vitrification and glazes low; studio potters usually fire clay and glazes together to high temperatures by the traditional Asian method, or make low-fire porcelain by the European method. 2) Whiteware, vitreous and hard, sometimes translucent. 3) a general term used when discussing any kind of tableware.

Colour (US spelling: color) is a phenomenon of light caused by how our eyes detect differing qualities of projected or reflected light color

Cable is characterized as thick heavy rope that often contains wire strands. Alternately, a bundle of insulated wires through which an electrical current can be passed.

Camera is described as the most important tool of the photographer in film parlance.

Clay is characterized as:

1) Fine-grained earth materials  formed by the decomposition of igneous rock.

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