Shellfish Fishing - this. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the commercial catching or taking of shellfish (e.g., clams, crabs, lobsters, mussels, oysters, sea urchins, shrimp) from their natural habitat.

The high risk job task associated with this industry is
1. Generate bioaerosols processing seafood

NAICS Code 114112

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"Shellfish Fishing" is in the NAICS Code "114112"
  (Shellfish Fishing Squid fishing)

- 87318/2006-09-19

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A thin oblong piece of material , such as wood or slate, that is laid in overlapping rows to cover the a building component enclosing a building above, thus providing a weatherproof shelter
Ref: 84692/2006-08-20

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Shoat refers to a growing pig. This term has been largely replaced with the terms nursery pig or grow-finish pig
Ref: 86479/2006-09-14

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Shoji screen is described as a standing oriental screen, sometimes used as a room divider.

Similar kinds and types of dividers are also available nowadays that are made of native materials , metals and wood
Ref: 122639/2006-10-11

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Shotgun is described as a shoulder gun with smooth-bored barrel(s) primarily intended for firing multiple small, round projectiles like shot, birdshot, and pellets, larger shot - buck shot, single round balls called pumpkin balls and cylindrical slugs. Some shotgun barrels have rifling to give better accuracy with slugs or greater pattern spread to birdshot.

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"Shotgun" is in the HS Code "9305.21"
  - -- Shotgun barrels
Ref: 120698/2006-10-01

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A container fitted with a rear door and a minimum of one side door
Ref: 84774/2006-08-24

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A lift truck fitted with lifting attachments operating to one side for handling containers.
Ref: 84775/2006-08-24

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Silage-making or wet storage where the product obtained is silage. This method of storage uses the acidifying power of lactic bacteria, which reduces the pH to around 4, below which all chemical reaction and fermentation ceases.
Ref: 124399/2006-10-27

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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Ore

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