Scouring is defined as the actual separation of dirt, grease, and foreign matter from grease wool. This is usually done in a lukewarm, mildly alkaline solution, followed by a rinse.

Syndromatic Clues refer to behavioral, verbal, situational indicators of suicide risk.

Suicide Syndrome refers to long-term self-destructive life process.

Suicide Rehearsal means to try out of plan without intent to die (e.g., driving by a bridge).

Stern refers to the aft part of a boat - the back of the boat.

Sports car is described as an agile vehicle that is easily maneuverable, accelerates briskly, brakes positively, handles well and steers precisely.

Social Ability refers to the ability or characteristic of a person who deals easily with social performance situations.

Silver refers to a white metallic element that is very ductile and malleable. Symbol, Ag. Occurs native and in ores such as argentite and horn silver; lead, lead-zinc , copper, gold, and copper-nickel ores are its principal sources.

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