Deutsch: Natriumcarbonat / Español: Carbonato de sodio / Português: Carbonato de sódio / Français: Carbonate de sodium / Italiano: Carbonato di sodio

Sodium carbonate, also known as soda ash, is a chemical compound with the formula Na2CO3. In the industrial and industry context, it is a crucial raw material used in a variety of manufacturing processes. Sodium carbonate is an alkaline compound that is highly soluble in water and forms a strong alkaline solution when dissolved.

Deutsch: Intelligente Fertigung / Español: Fabricación inteligente / Português: Fabricação inteligente / Français: Fabrication intelligente / Italiano: Produzione intelligente

Smart Manufacturing refers to the integration of advanced technologies and systems into manufacturing processes to create a highly interconnected and information-driven environment. This approach aims to significantly enhance efficiency, productivity, and flexibility in production by leveraging the power of data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and other digital technologies. It represents a shift towards more autonomous, self-optimizing production processes that can adapt to changing conditions and demands in real-time.

Deutsch: Smart-Home-Industrie / Español: Industria de hogares inteligentes / Português: Indústria de casas inteligentes / Français: Industrie de la maison intelligente / Italiano: Industria della casa intelligente

The Smart Home Industry refers to the sector focused on the development, manufacturing, and distribution of connected and intelligent devices designed to automate and enhance various aspects of home living. This industry encompasses a wide range of products and services, including home automation systems, intelligent appliances, energy management devices, security and surveillance systems, and entertainment solutions, all integrated into a cohesive, user-friendly ecosystem.

Deutsch: Sensoren und Bildgebung / Español: Sensores e imagenología / Português: Sensores e imagem / Français: Capteurs et imagerie / Italiano: Sensori e imaging

Sensors and Imaging in the industrial and industry context refer to technologies and systems used for detecting, measuring, and visualizing various physical, chemical, and biological properties in a wide range of applications. Sensors are devices that respond to a physical stimulus—such as temperature, pressure, or light—and convert it into an electrical signal that can be measured and analyzed. Imaging technologies capture visual or other data about an object or scene, often using sensors, to create representations that can be analyzed or used for further processing.

Deutsch: Separator / Español: Separador / Português: Separador / Français: Séparateur / Italiano: Separatore

A separator in the industrial and industry context refers to a device or piece of equipment used to divide or separate different components of a mixture or fluid based on their physical properties, such as size, density, or phase (solid, liquid, gas). Separators are essential in various industrial processes where it's necessary to isolate components for further processing, recovery, or disposal.

Scutch hammer is described by its type: single scutch and double scutch. Similar in shape to the brick hammer. The single scutch hammer has one striking face like the brick hammer, while on the other end of the head a groove is cut to take either scutch combs or chisels. These bits are replaceable and are used for cutting stone or brickwork or for removing mortar from brickwork prior to re-pointing. The double scutch has no striking face, but is grooved at both ends.

Single-stage compressor is a machine in which air or gas is compressed in each cylinder or casing from initial intake pressure to final discharge pressure.

Standby generator is used for power backup in home, It is either driven by gasoline or LP gas.