New Product ion Paper & Board Sheeting Machine
Process: Using Top Rotary Knives and lower stationery knives
Acceptable Paper / Board Substance: 50gsm up to 550gsm
Sheeting cut-off accuracy: Between + / -0. 05 to 0. 3\%
Maximum Sheeting Speed: 300 rotary cuts per minute
Maximum Cut-off meter speed: 300 M per minute
Cut-Off Length: From 400 to 1400mm
Maximum Finished Products Piling Height: 1300mm
Maximum Jumbo Roll Diameter: 1800mm
Maximum Jumbo Rolls Single Sheet: 4 Units Roll
Machine Dimension: 1800mm x 5500mm x 2450mm
Weight of Machine: 13, 000 KG
Electrical Power: 53. 7 Kw
Power Supply: AC380 / 220V x 50Hz
Air Supply: Max. 5. 5kg / cm2 x 5cm3 / minute
This production machine is fully equipped with one unit of De-Curler using it to flatten the roll curl paper and board during feeding and sheeting process.
It is complete with dust removal suction pump and with static eliminated system.
Complete details upon request

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