Our company is MERHANDLSE PURCHASE & TRADE CO.,LTD. We handle of import and export of LED , requiring bulk buying wooden pallets every year.

We like to order 100,000pcs wooden pallets from you. The specific technical data please check in the attachment.
1. Size:12000mm*800mm*144mm(Four ways can fork into)
2. Material: pine wood and hard miscellaneous wood
3. The max loading weight: 800KG
4. Delivery time: 10 months
5. Delivery??The first shipment 10,000pcs will be down in 45 working days after receipt of the down payment
6. Terms of payment: the first 60% (by TT) of the total value after signing the contract and the balance of 40% the value will be delivered by partial shipment. Then pay the 40% of the value of each partial by L/C until the contract accomplish.
7. As the exchange rate of U.S dollars unstable, please quote us a price in EUR on FOB in order to make the contract in good running
8. Tip: The inquiry valid is 30 days
Address:Guilin Ocean University City, Building B, Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan province.
Purchase Manager: Li Guo Qing
Mobile phone: 0086-13169654067

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