I am John He in
Beyond Tech Inc. , which are a factory of FIBER LASER CUTTING

I attained your information from
the internet and seeking chances to work with you , highly appreciate for your
precious time , our manufacturer are the biggest volumn fiber laser cutter maker
these years .

We are good at :
Plate Fiber
Tube Fiber Laser
Tube and Plate Combined Fiber Laser

Application = kitchen ware ,
shelves , furniture , fabrication , cabinet , signage etc .
Capability Plate 0.5-50 mm thickness & customized plate size ; Tube 0.5-10mm
thickness & 10-325 mm diameter .
Laser source = from 500w -
Subject cutted = carbon steel , stainless steel , aluminium , brass
, copper .

Hope to hear from you soon, our
local agent of your places or marketing dept will reach you . Good
distributor and agent for our machines in new and blank markets are requiring
, let me know if you want to be with us .


Beyond tech Inc.
Foreign marketing dept.
lasercutter.jh @ vip.163.com
Cell : 0086 -15989961204
Tel : 0086 -

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