ZinSan Chai n was founded as a chain factory in 1985. Back then, chains were used for agriculture, first of all, in particular for livestock husbandry (cattle chains for cows, calves, oxen-including bridle chainsand chains for bulls, goats, dogs as well as special watchdog chains).
Over the course of time, a variety of hardware and speciality items have been added: different types of chain rings, swivels, rope swivels, triangles, hooks, snap hooks, shackles, toggles, spring hooks, and more: these are products of superior quality, which quickly established themselves on the Turkish market.
Nowadays, chains are manufactured by means of electronic bending and welding machines, and the delivery programme has been extended to a comprehensive range. ISO 9001:2000, the international quality management standards that were revised in 2005 have become an integral part of our enterprise as the manufacturing directive. Thus, our products correspond to international quality standards.
We are currently producing an annual quantity exceeding 5,000 tons of chains as well as high volumes of the items mentioned above. This product range requires the perfect interplay of a highly professional team. Hence, we employ more than 50 staff members in different sections, each one of whom is assigned to specific tasks.
ZinSan Zincir is a family-operated business active not only in Turkey but on an international level as well. Our high-class products are available on the global market; we export to numerous Asian and European countries.

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