KL6000 seri es digital thermostats can be used for gas, oil or electronic boiler, wall-mounted furnace, single-cool air conditioner and single stage heat pump systems to regulate the temperature, and the models of which are KL6001, KL6002, KL6003, KL6004, KL6005, KL6006, KL6007, KL6008, KL6009, KL6011, KL6012, KL6013 and KL6014.
Elegant Figure with Big LCD Display
Green EL Backlight
Multifunctional Configuration for Various Purposes
Convenient Setting
More Safe for Life with battery powered
High Reliable MCU with Powerful Anti-interference
Temperature Setting Range: 45F- 95F/7C-35C
Regulating Accuracy: +/-1F/+/-0.5C
Connection Terminal: Screw-Fixed
Compressor Protection: 4-Minute Delay
Shell: Fire Retardant ABS

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