Plastic wir e netting
The plastic window screen is divided into two parts: plain weave and Interweave weave. The character of plain weave is that tricot and warp is single thread with thick wire dia. It looks beautiful. The character of the interweave is double thread tricot and single warp with thin wire dia. It is cheaper.
The merit of the plastic window screen is the strong capability of antirust. The plain weave plastic window screen is exported to Spain and the interweave one is exported to South-East Asia and Africa.
Material: polyethylene
Colour: Green, blue, white, yellow etc.
The mesh of the plain weave: 12mesh, 14mesh, 16mesh, 18mesh, 20mesh, 24mesh, 26mesh, 28mesh, 30mesh etc.
The mesh of the interweave: 14mesh.
Wire dia. 0.15mm-0.5mm
Width: 0.5m-1.52m
This is plain weave:

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