Card Type: Read Only Read /Write
Memory: 64 bit,128 bit:Protocol ASK,Manchester
Mode: H4100 / H4102, H4069 / H4150
Rate: 125 KHz +/- 3 KHz
Transmission: Passive
Operating Temperature: -30 degree C to +75 degreeC
Storage Temperature:-40 degree C to +85 degree C
Material: PVC
Size: 86 X 54 X0.8 mm(T)
Chip EM4102 Feature:
64 bit memory array laser programmable
Several options of data rate and coding available
On chip resonance capacitor
On chip supply buffer capacitorOn chip voltage limiter
Full wave rectifier on chip
Large modulation depth due to a low impedance modulation device
Operating frequency: 100-150kHz
Very small chip size convenient for implantation
Very low power consumption

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