CBS-X is a high molecular weight optical brightener suitable for the optical brightening of synthetic detergents, scented soap and soaps.

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Typical Properties:

Chemical Name: 4,4’-bis(2-disulfonic acid styryl) biphenyl
Molecular Formula: C28H20O6S2Na2
Molecular Weight: 562.6
CAS No.: 27344-41-8
C.I.: 351


Appearance: Yellowish or yellowish green crystal powder

E (1% /cm): 1105-1181

Indissoluble substance: 0.5%max

Solubility in water 25C 25g/l
70C 100g/l
95C 300g/l

max in ultra-violet range: 348-350nm

Ionic character: anion


It is mainly used to whiten and brighten top quality synthesis watering-powder, superconcentration liquid detergent, also used to whiten and brighten soap and perfumed soap.

Application method

The optical brightener CBS-X can be added in the process of manufacturing detergent.

Addition quantity: 0.1?0.5%


25kg / fiber drum with PE liner

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