We are professional supplier of car recorders. Please spend a few minutes to read our products as our car recorders different from the common car recorders in China.

Please let us highly recommend ZFT 801. This is our company featured and competitive
product as it has " 24 hours parking surveillance".

We learn the Korea and Japan's technology and spent long
time to make this model to be perfect like other famous brands. Our ZFT 801
is same as the famous brands in car recorders but our prices are more
Besides, We open our own tooling of some models while other factories are using the same
tooling to manufacture the same car recorders. Then most of your competitors in
your country are selling the same car recorders and few people has ZFT
In this way, Our ZFT 801 has featured in housing and in functions compared with
other common car recorders.
And our Wifi car recorder also will come out in next month.


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