I am: - Ananya. I would like to discuss with you the immense potential that
digital marketing offer to your online business both on internet and mobile
Why You Need An Exclusive Digital Marketing Plan?

Being an emerging business you need a comprehensive and tested digital
marketing plan that comprises all important marketing strategies that give
you the best possible return on your investment (ROI). If Driving the right
prospects to your website is what you need, our digital marketing plans will
help you. Our B2B digital marketing plans are an important roadmap for your
digital marketing activities, and a way to measure the success of these
What Do Our Digital Marketing Plans Offer?
Our proven ROI-led digital marketing solutions help your brand to take it to
the next level. Our digital marketing plans serve your business needs in
TRFFIC GENERATION: Activities that bring more visitor traffic to your
website. Activities that it includes:
Search Engine Optimization
E-Mail Marketing
Pay Per Click
Social Media Marketing
SMS Marketing
What's App Marketing
WEB ANALYTICS :To measure and track your online business growth. A range of
matrices are observed by analytics expert.
Google Analytics, Monitor, Site Catalyst and Web Trends
Digital Analytics Audit
KPI and reporting development
Campaign Tracking and management
COVERSION OPTIMIZATION (CRO): Activities to tweak and fix website elements
that create hurdles in converting traffic into sales.
Usability Analysis
Landing page optimization
Sales Funnel Optimization
Website Optimization
A/B testing
Let's redesign your digital strategy: Bring Life To Your Online Business
It's high time to give your online business a new approach. Combine our
expertise in digital domain and and in-depth understanding of Digital Media
tools to improve your business reach.
Please do let me know if you would be interested in obtaining a quote.
Ananya Srivastav
Business Development Team
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