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MCS Corporate Strategies Ltd is a very specialist company working in Patent Box Corporate Tax Relief and Research and Development Tax Credits relief. Support for these activities is growing rapidly as Government policy actively encourages companies to take up claims.

Patent Box is a scheme which enables companies to apply a lower rate of Corporation Tax to profits earned after 1st April 2013 from its patented inventions and certain other innovations. The scheme has been devised to encourage technological innovation within UK based businesses. Working alongside the Research and Development Tax Relief scheme it enables companies to benefit from protecting IP (Intellectual Property) gained. The scheme encourages businesses to locate high-value jobs and activities associated with technically innovative work within the UK.

MCS Corporate has well established claims experience, the claims process is undertaken in-house, is confidential, involves liaison with clients, their accountants and most importantly HMRC. Clients are supported throughout as they expand and enhance their activities. The MCS Corporate claim record is impressive in scope, value and industry sectors covered.

MCS Corporate will help identify and make your claims. They are retrospective and based on success fees contact us now to see how we can assist you.

Why not contact MCS Corporate and let us advise you?

MCS Corporate Strategies Ltd
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