HI We are a leading glucose syrup supplier in China Now we??d like to offer you glucose syrup as follows   Physics Index   Items Index   Top grade first grade Qualified   Dry Solid 70-85%   Boiling temperature/ Min.155 Min.150 Min145   PH value 4.0~6.0   DE value 38-65   Maltitol content Min50%   transparency/(%)?? Min98%   Sulphate ash/(%) Max0.3% Max0.4% Max0.5%   Sulphur Dioxide less than100ppm   Conductance Min.30 us/cm   Total Bacteria less than1000 cfu/g   Ecoli less than 30MPN/100g   Salmonella not detected   Lead less than 1ppm   Arsenic less than 1ppm       Are you interested in our products, please let me know and I will offer you most favorable price     AMENDA ZHANG Shanghai Yancui Import And Export Co., Ltd.


TEL: 0086 21 38722636  FAX: 0086 21 58500043

Contact: AMENDA ZHANG <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

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