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This's cathy from Future Solar Co.,Ltd, thanks for your business card. We're the professional manufacture of the off-grid solar home system with6 years experience,our main products are solar panels, controllers, inverters,lamps, DC fans, and solar power system.

You're welcome to our website at www.gzfet.com or www.solar-system8.com, if possible,we would like to meet you in our factory at any time.

It's my honor to make the brief introduction of our company to you as below.

1.Characteristics of all the 7 series of our products:

1). S9 series: DC system, basic and economic lighting series, with output of 5V+12V (S901 is 5V+6V)

2). S0 series:DC system ,higher configuration than S9 series, with output of 3.3V&5V&8.4V+12V,

3). S2 series:DC system with MP3&FM player, idea series with music function,S201-S202 is with output of 5V+12V,S203-S204 is with output of


4). S8 series:

S803-S804 is DC system, with output of 5V+12V+19V, 19V is for laptop charging.

S805-S806 is AC+DC system with 300W AC output and FM&MP3 player.

5). S1 series: AC+DC system, conventional home used system with battery inside, this series is with 100W to 1200W output.

6). S6 series:AC+DC system without battery inside (inverter& controller integrating machine),

7). S3 series: New design ,similar to S9 series with much more competitive price, for customers to break into the basic market .

2.Why to say we are professional on this field?

Many people think that solar home system can be very easy, just connect solar panel, battery, controller, inverter together will be ok.

If something more is needed, just another case containing the battery and the controller inside will do.

These are called DIY products, they can work, but they are not professional products for business, its not convenient for the end

customers using , the performance of the whole kit is also the problem, and for the maintenance after-sale will be the biggest

problem, surely cant enlarge the business with these unprofessional products.

3.What we can do for customers?

1)We offer the most mature designed products with good performance and most simple to be used by customers, and with perfect

aftersales maintenance solution to customers, we make after-sale service to be so easy !

2)We offer the most complete range of products to customers, from DC to AC ,from low power to high power, from home used to commercial

used. Maybe there are also many other suppliers supply small systems in your market, making the competition to be severe, but for the large

power of AC systems with huge demand and more profit, there is no such competition. Beside the DC system, we have huge and incomparable

advantage on the AC system like 3KW,5KW, 10KW, and for DC system we can leave all the profit for our customers, customers can access

rapidly to the market and quickly rule the market from small system to big ones.

3)We can offer all type of OEM service, we have full experience to make customers own design according to different requirements.

Looking forward to hearing from you sooner.

Our minimum order is one piece.

We can provide the delivery by air or by sea or express .

We will be shipped within 2 days after your payment is received ,we have stock .

We accept the term of payment is T/T ,western union .

warranty :

1)the solar panel ,we offer 1 year's warranty .

2)the battery is above 12V38AH,3 year's warranty .below the 12V38AH .1 year warranty .

3)the controller and inverter ,we offer 3 year's warranty .

If you have any question ,please connect me immediately

I am looking forward to your reply sooner .

hope no bother you.

Sincerely yours,


Contact: "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

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