Our company was established in 1999 and has 22 years of experience in manufacturing cold-formed profile equipment. It is a professional manufacturer of cold-formed profiles.

The industries of our company involves are as follows:

Construction industry: roof panel forming machine, CZ purin roll forming machine, gutter and downspout roll forming machine, partition keel roll forming machine

Automobile industry: car door frame roll forming machine, guide rail roll forming machine, anti-collision beam roll forming machine, car carriage board forming machine

Door and window industry: door frame forming machine, window frame forming machine, rolling door forming machine

Highway industry: Anti-collision guardrail, guardrail post, sound insulation board forming machine

Electrical industry: photovoltaic bracket, cable tray, electric control cabinet forming machine

Agriculture: Steel silo equipment

Urban drainage: metal culvert bellows equipment.

Are these devices that you are interested in? If not, you can provide the drawings or samples of the products that you want to process, and we will design the corresponding solution for you according to your requirements.


Presumably when you are purchasing equipment, you must not only refer to the price of the equipment, but also evaluate the quality of the equipment. How do we guarantee the quality of the equipment?

First of all, the raw materials of the machine frame, mold wheels and shafts are made of domestic Handan Steel and Baosteel's steel materials. These are the famous steel supplier in China.The bearings are NTN from Japan, HRB from China, and the electrical components are Delta from Taiwan, Mitsubishi, Panasonic from Japan, Simens from Germany and Schneider from France. These are major international brands, and there are agents in every country and region. If these parts are faulty, you can contact the corresponding brand agents, and they will quickly solve the problem for you and resume production.

Secondly, we have our own processing equipment, each part of the machine is processed by our workers through professional processing equipment, and these workers all have the corresponding qualification certificates to ensure the reliability of the processed products.

Finally, we have a corresponding quality inspection team, from the commissioning, installation, and testing of the machine, there are corresponding personnel to conduct inspections to ensure that every step of production meets the corresponding standards and ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment.


Through my brief description, I hope you can have a general understanding of our quality management system.


If you have requirements for cold-formed profile equipment, welcome to consult, and I will use my 8 years of experience in the industry to provide you with the most suitable solution! I sincerely hope to cooperate with you, would you give me this opportunity?



Mr.Dan Wu






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