MZ7322X4 Fo ur-row boring machine
The machine is used to drill for the board of furniture. One vertical row of the aiguilles can change the angle between level and uprightness, so it can drill the board from three directions at the same time. The machine has the good qualities of operating easily, machining widely, working fast, and is the best choice of furniture making factory.
Technical parameter:
Center distance of drilling spindles32mm
Max. drilling depth50mm
Spindle No.86 bits
Max. workpiece dimension2420A800mm
Motor power1.5kwA6
Spindle rotating speed2840rpm
Air pressure0.6MPa
Overall dimension2350A2500A1550(mm)(LxWxH)
Net weight2000kgs drillers,wood drillers, drilling machines,boring machines,slot mortiser,slot milling machines,milling machines,drilling machines,row boring machines

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