1. Input fr equency: 51~858Hz, loop through function
2. patible Standard: DVB-T/MPEG-II MP ML
3.Support MCPC/SCPC (1-45MS/s)
4.OSD (On Screen Display) Transparency & Blending, 256 Palette Colors, 720x576 screen resolution
5. EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for On Screen Channel Information
6. Plug and play install program set
7.RS-232 serial port, 115200bit/s
8. Video output: CVBS, Y/C, RGB
9.Manual PID set
10.TV SCART Connector
11.CD quality sound output
12.Screen ratio 4:3, 16:9 selectable
13. Power supply: SMPS
14.Over 4000 channels memory capacity (TV and Radio)
15.To provide multi-windows on a screen
16.True low threshold and wide frequency catch range
17.VBI and OSD Teletext
18.S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface for digital audio) function
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