1 >Health care, medicine and public health
1.Middle aged and the old people special equipment, apparatus.Middle and the old people medical and health equipment.
2.Middle aged and the old people health care products, nutrition and medicines.
2>Articles for daily use
1.Assistance for setting out: wheel chair, walking stick, electronic locomotive and walking assisting device.
2.Clothing and bedding: various health care mattresses, pillow and pillowcase, all Kinds of Chinese medicine protection used for waist, knee and shoulder.
3.Articles for daily use: hearing aid, timer, audiphones, far sighted glasses, container for urine, paging device, care bed, various inflatable mattresses ,magnifying glass, nail clipper, magic hair-dry towel and cap, fixed time of medicine box, adult nappies, adult matters for urine, bed pan, container for urine, alarm of wetness, various false teeth care and cleaning liquid.
3>Society pension service
1.The old people apartment, intelligent function house.
2.Community protective facility, a home for destitute old people, old cadre sanatorium, the aged care centre.
3.Middle aged and the aged match-make place and engineering department for arranging for the aged.
4.Health and care hospital, medical service department for the aged.
5.Insurance etc.,and relevant departments.
4>Leisure, tourism
1.Articles for leisure: various knives and swords for practising martial arts, shoes for dance, balls for the door, fishing equipment, toys for the old people.
2.Articles for tourism: handicrafts, leisure food and gifts.
3.Long term travel places for the old people in different cities, the old people sightseeing spots.
4.The old people travel internet, introductions of sightseeing items.
5>The old people culture and education
1.The old people culture magazine, the aged website.
2.The old people culture and art group, the old cadre activity centre, the old people activity centre and the old people college.

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