KLM200 seri es thermostats are used to control room temperature in industrial, commercial and residential environment via controlling the fan coil units (With or without motorized valve), dampers, diffuser etc., which uses NTC to detect the room temperature and compare it with the set-point so as to automatically keep the room temperature stable.
To control fan coil, valve and damper etc.
Manual switch to select work state and use knob to set the temperature.
Thermostats can be directly mounted on the wall or standard wiring box.
Elegant shape with high reliability
Technical Parameters
Sensor: NTC
Set-point Range: 1030ae
Operating Difference: A1ae
Max. Load : 150W
Power Supply: 220VA1050/60Hz
Power Consumption: 2W
Dimension: 86A86A24 mm (WAHAD)
Plastic Enclosure: Fire Retardant ABS

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