Royal Jelly , Fresh Frozen
Royal jelly 10HDA above 1.8\%
Royal jelly 10HDA above 2.0\%
Package: 1kg/bottle; 10bottles/box.
Fresh Royal Jelly: 100\% Pure Royal Jelly;refrigerated immediately
China Wuhan Yimin beeproduct Co.,Ltd , is a professional bee enterprise, enjoys the power of management over import and export. Production area is graceful, well distributed naturally and without any pollution. Bee products processed workshop built is according to the standards of "The Hygiene Regulations for Export Food Factory and Storehouse" and being closed operation without any germs. The company has advanced processing equipment and auxiliary facility wirh great technical force. We produce and export Bee Venom, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Honey, Bee Wax and honeybee's serial products.

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