A group of extremely professional and qualified people came up with the idea to provide large importers of socks with more efficiency and quality in their stuff. So as a result an organization (RY International ) was formed in May 2005 whose motto is to serve their customers with quality, commitment and efficiency. We are committed to our people and to the products we sell.
Our team consists of the people who are highly experienced in textile industry and they have sound knowledge of production as well as technical demands required. We are successfully providing services in socks industry, effectively with the world trend and fashion and keep our products most attractive and exclusive.
We believe in creation and maintenance of high quality services. Within the context of quality improvement, process management (refers to the improvement of work activities) and talent management as part of our strategy.
The services are delineated below:

Selects suitable factories in terms of their capabilities and capacities.

Takes decision on behalf of its customers reducing the turn around time

Secures the maximum value for money for its clients by not only ensuring efficient
processes and swift execution but also by ensuring the best pricing and quality
Monitors progress and quality parameters for its clients. A client sitting in London or
NewYork has no means of knowing when the work started on his order besides, he cannot
know week-to-week or day-to-day progress either. RY sees to it that the order is executed properly and in time.
Ensure "Timely Start up" of the production process.
Access to some Internationally recognized testing facil

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