LEGIC card
Legic smart card available with two parts inside: system area (CDF) & user area (ADF)
System area: used by manufacture and system developer & card issuing institution
User area : used by save the relation data information of cardholder
Technology parameter :
Size :54mmX86mmX0.75mm
Capacity: 22 Byte ,256 Byte, 1k Byte, 8k Byte
Read write time :read operation 5ms/Byte,read operation: 2.5ms/Byte
Write operation : 20ms/Byte write operation : 5ms/Byte
Material: PVC , ABS
Life: write 100,000 times, no limit of read operation, data can saved for 10 years with once read in
Temperature: operating temperature -20 C-- 70 C ; saved temperature: -30 C---80 C
operating frequency : 13.56MHZchip feature
13.56 MHz RFID system
Contactless read/write capability
Compact size
4 outputs for LED, buzzer or relay connection
20 smart user bytes
256 byte or 1 kbyte smart card to allow future expansion
Secure data transmission through encrypted RF communication
Low power consumption
Communication range up to 10 cm
Access keys for read and write
Key setting with LEGIC service card
Supports migration to LEGIC multiapplications

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