Stylish & c lassic DivX DVD Players, DivX DVD Recorders, Computer Speakers, Multimedia Speakers, Multimedia Subwoofer Systems (2.0/2.1/4.1/5.1/7.1ch), Home Theaters, Hi-end Vacuum Tube Amplifier Speakers at the lowest prices for the local importers & distributors or OEM/ODM partners. As a leading manufacturer of hi-end digital AV products, we have OEM/ODM manufactured for many world leading brands like NEC, SHARP, SANSUI, HYUNDAI, JB, etc.. The proven superior quality, prompt delivery, more competitive prices and professional services have supported them to constantly outperform in their local markets. Get more info at www-addnew-net or www-addnewtech-com. Contact ADDNEW today.

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