Racecadotri l
CAS NO:81110-73-8
Appearance: white or off-white powder
Assay 98.5\% min
Melting point 77.0-81.0 'C
Residue on Ignition 0.1\% max
Related substance total Impurites 1.0\% max
Single impurity 0.5\% max
Heavy metals 20ppm max
Loss on Drying 0.5\% max
Special Recommending:
3-Bromoindole-2-carboxylic acid ethyl ester
2,3,4,6-Tetrakis-O-(phenylmethyl)-D-gluconic acid,&-lactone
Mosapride Citrate
Levocitirizine Dihydrochloride
5-Bromoindole-2-carboxylic acid
5-Bromoindole-2-carboxylic acid ethyl ester
5-Chloroindole-2-carboxylic acid

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