Shining 3D Scanner is a precise optical 3D scanner, designed and produced by Hangzhou Shining 3D tech Co., Ltd. It has unique and streamline design, customers can make fast three-dimensional scanning from any direction, can achieve fully automatic combination, it can be applicable to measuring any size of models, which makes it to be the absolute tool for reverse engineering design and 3D online testing and can be used in the field such as mould design, fine model scanning, toy and art deign and etc.


1. High Efficiency: adopt the one-sided scan technology, high speed (Single scan time less than 5s)

2. High Accuracy: use the unique calibration technique can get high measure accuracy to ensure the precision of the overall combination.

3. High Resolution: high-performance measurement camera can get higher density cloud point data at one time, so that the scanned details are clearly visible.

4. Maintenance Free: the lifetime of the lamp which is in the projection module is 20,000 hours, normally, the scanner can be used for many years.

Technical Specification:

Model Type: Shining3d XL3DS-VM

Measuring Area by single Scan (mm): 300×250-100×75

Feature Accuracy (mm): 0.02-0.01

Resolution (mm): 0.2-0.08;

Scannable Object Size: <1500mm

Scanning Type: Non-Contact, white light (Without Laser);

Digitization: 1280*1024/1.3 mega pixels;

Data Interface: ASC, STL;

Acquisition Time: <5S;

Align Type: Auto Align.

Features: Switch back and forth between the scanning range, without re-calibration

Working Environment: Under any light condition

USB: 2.0 (at least three interface)

PC System: Window XP, 32 bits

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