New Business Opportunities with Shining3d Laser Engraving Machine, Small cube size to large plate size, 2D and 3D Sub-surface Laser Engraving Possible.

High Efficiency Solution:

Model Number: XLELD3000C-HS

Along with the tiling technology, the biggest advantage of Shiningtech XLELD3000C-HS laser machine is the perfect combination of fast engraving speed (3000Hz) with large engraving size to be 250*250*100mm, which can fulfill all the need of the crystal engraving for 3D and 2D for production center.

Technical Specification:

(1) Laser Medium: Diode (DPSSL-Q Switch)

(2) Laser Wavelength: 532nm

(3) Maximum Engraving frequency: 4KHZ

(4) Laser Source: 1

(5) Resolution: 800dpi

(6) Engraving Dimension: 250mm×250mm×100mm (By Tiling Technology-Engraving part by part with moving working table) even larger engraving area can be customized.

(7) Max Engraving speed: 180, 000dots/min (3000dots/sec)

(8) Typical engraving time: 50*50*80mm crystal---350K points 3d portrait< 2mins

(9) Input Power standard: 220V/ 110V, 50HZ

(10) Working Consumption of Electricity: <1KW

(11) Dimension of the Mainframe: L570mm×W780mm×H1100mm

(12) Weight: 130KG

(13) Cooling system: air cooler

(14) Appearance: stand shape

(15) Warranty for the laser diode: 20, 000hrs (not exceed one year)

(16) Mass production: 9 pcs 50*50*80mm crystals at one time

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