Advantages of the 3D Camera M1:

Fast: The capturing phase will be finished in 0.6 second, just like using the common digital camera.

No heat light inside the camera: There's no heat light inside the camera, so it won't create much heat when using, don't need cooling system, the parts inside won't burn, no consumption part inside.

No special Light environment requirement: There are flash lights inside 3D camera, when taking pictures, it can create the appropriate light condition, no need to use additional assistant lights.

High resolution: 8.2-14 mega pixels 3D camera gives you more and enough detail information on face.

Portable: 3D camera can work independently without Computer, people can use the LCD screen to watch the pictures' effect. This feature (2) and (3) increase the portability of our 3D Camera, businessman can take it out for taking pictures, and get back to company for data processing.

Technical index:

(1) JPEG-format picture resolution: 8.2-14 Mega-pixel;

(2) 3D reconstruction resolution: 0.5mm;

(3) Exposal time: 1/120~1/60s;

(4) 512M flash RAM inside the camera capable of memorizing about 500 photos (extendable)

(5) Dimensions of the crust: 127mm×255mm×353mm

(6) Weight: 6.5kg;

(7) Maximum Vision Scope: 640mm X 480mm

(8) Depth of Field for 3D Reconstruction: 700mm

(9) People taken picture at same time: 1~2persons

(10) Distance to object: 0.9 m~1.3m

(11) Environment light Requirement: any light-intensity conditions, dont need

Additional assistant lighting

(12) Scalability: configures to capture face, chest, back, and head, 3D

Reconstruction include: face/hair/eye/teeth and so on

(13) 3D Reconstruction angle scope from 0~180° at only one view direction

(14) Visible Light Technology: Since the technology does not use laser, there are no "Eye safety" problem

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