HHF offers now the product *SMS (Substrate Measurement System**)*, which
was developed and distributed from
AC Microwave GmbH from Prof. R. H. Jansen.
Please find enclosed a quick overview of this test-fixture to detect

the relative
as well as a few other products.
Best Regards
Holger Heuermann
SMS (Substrate Measurement System**): *Test-fixture to determine the
frequency-dependent relative permittivity and the frequency-dependent loss
tangent of your substrate.
Easy to handle: The DUT consists out of a plain substrate sample. No
transmission line or circuit structures have to be designed on the DUT.
System including the software algorithms were created by Prof. R. H.
Jansen! The SMS gives you are the permittivity and the loss tangent of your
substrate in the frequency range of 1 GHz – 13 GHz.

More products from HHF:
PIM-tester (Vector-PIM): *Vector-PIM allows you to perform calibrated
complex PIM measurements. This instrument supports accurate PIM
localization of IM-obstacles and the modeling of IM-defects. The system is
based on a VNA from Rohde and Schwarz, a PIM-test-set from Rosenberger
new calibrations standards and the NonLin-IM-software from HHF*. *The
software manages this calibration, the error correction, and supports
PIM-tests as well as different frequency, power and time sweeps. Please
find enclosed more information including the measurement accuracy.

Vector-IM-measurements (NonLin-IM): *This is the most cost efficient
solution to perform error-corrected IM-measurements for magnitude and phase
for different IM-test-sets. IM-sources can be located and a perfect
fitting/modelling can be performed. An absolute novelty is the replacement
of the comb generator by a new phase reference generator! NonLin-IM bases
on non-linear multi-port S-parameter using LMR or the novel and patented
calibration procedure *Without Thru*.
8GHz-VNA-Cal.-Kit:* This economic calibration kit for
SMA-female-connectors from HHF supports broadband VNA-measurements of
microwave devices up to 8 GHz, which is achieved with three SMA-components
for the four calibration measurements short (S), open (O), load (L) and
thru (T). This EcoCal calibration-kit has been used already for a long term
in many departments and laboratories successfully.
Price: 69 EUR plus tax and shipment
Rapid Automatic multi-port Calibration box (RapACal)*: It allows an easy
and rapid one- or multi-port (n-port, n = 1, 2, 3, …) calibration of Vector
Network Analyzers (VNA) up to 18GHz. The calibration is quite simple. The
number of ports is *unlimited*. Only for the calibration: RapACal will be
controlled over VNA-internal PC interface (LAN and USB) with a graphical
user interface from a windows operating system (NT, XP, Vista).
Price: 5900 EUR plus tax and shipment
Broadband Conical Monopole antenna BCM40: *The low-loss antenna BCM40
supports a monopole antenna characteristic and an ultra broad frequency
band (1.2-40GHz). This antenna covers all major frequency bands, ideal for
surveillance applications with a very robust casing and design. The BCM40
antenna is manufactured precisely, offers good matching and an antenna gain
of ca. 0 dBi. The robust casing allows for indoor and outdoor use even in
moist conditions. Price: 2990 EUR plus tax and shipment
HHF offers a wide range of other RF standard products as well as customer
specified products, available on the website *www.hhft.de
*or on request.
Heuermann HF-Technik GmbH
Auf dem Anger 29; 52076 Aachen
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Internet: www.HHFT.de
Tel.: +49 2408/9379019
Fax: +49 2408/9379952
Tel.-FH: +49 241/6009-52108
Sitz der Gesellschaft: Aachen
Registergericht: Aachen HRB 14882
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Heuermann
Dipl.-Ing. Regina Heuermann-Peters

FROM: heuermann This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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