We are specialized in electronic devices field more than 6 years and 100 %

confidence with our technology and quality. Nowadays, our hot best selling
product is Anti-lost product.

Main function:
1,Support Bluetooth 4.0 technology, specially made for iPhone & iPad.
2,Find mode (In connected status)
3,When your iphone/ipad has connection with the alarm, you may easily find
the alarm with your iphone, and it"s the same in reverse.
4, Anti-lost mode
When your alarm loss contact with the iphone/ipad, both of them will beep
or vibrate. The distance can be modified in the application.
5, Location
When iphone/ipad loss contact with the alarm, it will mark the position by
GPS locator.
1.Product size:48.5*10.2mm,Key Chain
2.Bluetooth low energy connection in a chip
3.Bluetooth low energy peripheral role
4.Button battery can use more than 1 year
5.Widely use for trip to protect valuable things, baby, mobile, pets, bags,
or other important things. Even more,
6.Easy to operate, only one press finishs the work. It is also a good
choice to give others as a gift.

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