My name is Ms. Yoga Wang, I work for Melasta Battery Solutions - China. We
are specialized in supplying portable power solutions such as:☆Nickel Metal
Hydride Batteries(Ni-MH),☆ Lithium-ion polymer batteries(Li-Po),and

☆Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries(LiFePO4) for different industry
Polymer Lithium-ion single cells (Li-Po) can be designed from 50mAh to
21,000mAh,and cells' thickness ranging from 2mm to 11 mm in all prismatic
types. Safety we use that certified by CE ( EMC directives ),RoHS
(Directive 2006/66/EC)and KC(Korea Certificate) approval process. Also
MSDS, UN38.3 and 1.2m drop testing are available by third party
Observing the World-wide tendency, we look forward to providing high
technology and quality products for global customers, and bringing to the
market innovation and modernity. We like to establish relationship you if
you have any products related to li-polymer battery.
|Yoga Wang|Shenzhen Melasta Battery Ltd | Sales Department|
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(**| +86-755-83243357 |
FROM: Yoga Wang This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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