Hangzhou Tianheng Technology Co., Ltd. Located in Hangzhou, is one of main supplier and exporter in China.

We specialize in various weighing equipment,

Crane scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p01idx.htm

Dynamometer and tention tester,http://www.thhlscale.com/p02idx.htm

Platform scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p03idx.htm

Floor scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p04idx.htm

Pallet truck scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p05idx.htm

Truck scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p06idx.htm

Animal scales,http://www.thhlscale.com/p07idx.htm

Price computing scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p08idx.htm

Balance scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p09idx.htm

Weighing scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p10idx.htm

Counting scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p11idx.htm

Postal/Pet scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p12idx.htm

Health scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p13idx.htm

Baby scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p14idx.htm

Hanging/Fishing scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p15idx.htm

Pocket scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p16idx.htm

Fabric scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p17idx.htm

Kitchen scale,http://www.thhlscale.com/p18idx.htm


Weight indicators and weighing systems,http://www.thhlscale.com/p100.htm

Load cell,http://www.thhlscale.com/p2001.htm



New products,http://www.thhlscale.com/p2101.htm

After several years effort, our products are gradually accepted in Europe, Southeast Asian, South America, Etc. Now, we are

doing OEM and ODM for many famous company and enjoy good reputation in our line.

The attached is some of material for your reference, if you have interest, we could send a disc with more details.

Best regards


Hangzhou Tianheng Technology Co.,Ltd.

Tel 0086-571-86458369; Fax: 0086-571-85215472

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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