SEO is dead as we know it. The old math of increased back links and
stuffing keywords is now a target for Google to identify your site and bury

it in the search results.
SEO is no longer a math problem, it's a human one. Social indicators are
becoming key to Ranking and link algorithms are being retired. It's time
for you to see the
Truth about SEO and adjust accordingly.
So, here we got a customized Internet Marketing Proposal for you.
Here below is the content marketing activities *"Monthly Task and
1. 40 Press Release Submissions (8 press release x 5 press release websites)
2. 05 Press releases, 400+ words written
3. 5 Unique Articles will be written
4. 5 Web 2.0 Properties will be made
5. 5 unique "how to Articles" will be written
6. 1 YouTube channel will be created
7. 10 YouTube videos will be created by (paid)
8. Will likes, shares, tweets, reedits, and 1+ in order to get natural back
9. Anchor text diversity (will not use exact keywords for back links).
10. Will get Natural back links by link worthy articles
11. Will draft & submit 5 articles to
12. Will create Google+ page for your business
13. Will distribute 15 posts daily via Google+ Page
14. Will make 1 post daily on your blog
15. Will bookmark real content to leading 150 Social Book marking sites as
dig, delicious
16. Will submit your website to 10 leading Web directories as
On-Page work activities "Follow only first month".
17. Meta tags/Title tag changes
18. Keyword research/Analysis
19. Competitor Analysis
20. Analysis by our Paid SEOMoz Program
21. Alt tag changes
22. Interlinking wherever required.
23. Keyword density in site content.
24. HTML Site Map
25. XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool
26. Ror.XML File creation
27. Robots.Txt File creation Extra work activities
28. Google Webmaster tool
29. Google Analytics
30. Html to text ratio optimization
31. Keyword Prominence
Sounds interesting? Feel free to email us or alternatively you can provide
me with your phone number and the best time to call you.

Sara mittal
Online marketing Manager.

FROM: Sara mittal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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