I'm James from China National Building Materials Group, which is a state-owned company in China and also one of the Fortune Global 500 companies in the world.

We are involved in alumina products for 12 years and export to 120 countries. We have many filiales around the world. With the development of UAE logistic center, we can deliver goods to customers more efficiently.
We are specialized in below products:
1. High Alumina Bricks
2. Fireclay Bricks
3. Corundum Bricks
4. Magnesia Bricks
5. Silica Bricks
6. ceramic blankets
Any questions or enquiries, send emails or give me a call please. With high quality products, competitive price and best service, hope our cooperation will be fruitful.
Hope for your early reply, and wish you have a nice day.
Best Regards,
Sales Manager
China National Building Materials Group
Address: No.2, Zizhuyuan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Mobile:(0086) 18730918050
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4. More valuable information please visit our official website: http://www.icnbm.com and the E-commerce website: www.okorder.com

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