I would like to inform you that we are leading actual manufacturers and exporters of high quality Dental & Orthodontic Instruments All Sorts.We have own factory here in Sialkot with all manufacturing facilities and not any trader we do all process in our own home under one roof and also under my own

Our Products are Following"PLIERS ALL SORTS-CUTTER ALL SORTS-MATHIEU ALL SORTS-FORCEPS ALL SORTS-SCISSORS ALL SORTS-TWEEZERS ALL SORTS-IMPRESSION TRAYS ALL SORTS-TOOTH EXTRACTING FORCEPS ALL SORTS-ELEVATOR ALL SORTS-SCALERS ALL SORTS-WAX INSTRUMENTS ALL SORTSEven every instruments is available/producing according the customers requirements whatever they want and also everythings is available/produce for you as per your requirements/designs/shapeor drawing.
Raw materials Stainless Steelwe are using good quality raw materials stainless steel"Japanie stainless Steel French Stainless Steel Pak Stainless Steel (J410 & J420)
Polishing"satin polishing-mirror polishing-sand polishing-half satin & halfmirror polishing and instruments/pliers are available with Gold & Without Gold.
TC (Carbide Tip)we are using Germany Carbide tip for our instruments that is best.
Box Joint & Lap Jointour all instruments/pliers are available in box joint and lap joint.
Quality of our Instrumentswe are producing top quality brand products like Germany standard and we never compromise on quality matters at any cost because we have own standard of our products and never wishing to fell down itbecause our mission is lot of buyers for top quality products not any for cheap quality.we take entire responsibility for our made instruments and our instruments are long time using for free of rust(sterilized & re-sterilized by customers will be in same quality as first) our all instruments will be same quality from the one pcs to 100-1000-10000 all will be equal not any different.
We never try to get business from any being customers refer introducing we always get business by own resources (quality-services-confident-prices etc) we always do business on agreement basis for long time not for once.
Kindly pls see attached Electronic catalogue for our products for your reference and informations and we are requesting you that kindly pls let me know your requirements from ours and your own by ref#/pictures/drawing so we make them for you and meet you all the best.
My self actually I am also technical/engineer in this field along with office administration/communication I know well every bit how to produce top quality brand products.
Hopeful that you will be consider sincerely & deeply for our this requesting for business cooperation establishment for long time as good friend/partnership basis.
waiting good news and comments for this requesting along with good feedback/requirements and oblige me,remain.
with best wishings,A,H,Mughal,Him International Inc.,Sialkot-Pakistan

FROM: Him International Inc <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

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