Are you aware of the fact that mobile apps have completely changed the business scenario today?
With billions of new apps being developed every day, the future has finallyevolved. Why are Businesses Creating Mobile Apps?

The volume of Mobile Phones is much higher than PCs.
The average time spent on Mobile Apps is 64%.
On an Average, people check their mobile every 6 minutes.
People use mobile Apps 6 times more than the websites.
79% smart-phones users use their mobile to make purchasing decisions.
50% users make purchase on Mobile within 1 hour as compared to 1 month onDesktops.
73% of Business Owners use Mobile Apps daily.
Business owners also use Mobile Apps for Customer Engagement.
Is it early to get a Mobile App for your Business?
Do you have a Website? What a lame question is that? Then why should you not have a Mobile App? In today's Mobile world, there would be 21 Billion Mobile Apps by Dec 2014 and your Competitor's would be one of them.
So what are you waiting for? Don't have an idea/concept yet? Contact us today for the same or any other requirement.
I'd be happy to send some of our created Apps samples & price list, if you'd like to assess our work.
Please share your full requirements on mobile app so that we will analyze the same and will get back to you with best solution and fix quote accordingly.
Look forward to start working with you.
Kind Regards,
Niharika Singh
Business Development

FROM: sales 3 <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

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