Tommy from AIWEISHENG CHEMICAL COMPANY that manufacture and export of gold dressing agent.

Our new product can replace sodium cyanide in gold mining industry.and also active carbon for mining use .Advantage as following:

1.Simple operation,More widely applicable to mineral than cyanide. Use scope: oxide ore,primary ore, sulphide ore, tailings and others.If your ore contains sulfur, antimony, arsenic, lead, copper, zinc, carbon etc, It has a good effect to use our product.
2.It is non-pollution and non-poisonous and can conducive to environmental protection.
3.our product compare with sodium cyanide consumption can reduce 20%, leaching time is half of the sodium cyanide.High rate of dissolving gold.
4.It helps the enterprise to save the costs of transportation, safekeeping, safety device and management
First sample test,mine test,order,we offer full support.
Email me to know more details.
est of service.
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