I am looking for a Global Supply Chain job to help on your Asia sourcing.
The advantages to put me as your Asia representative:
You don't need to worry about the communication with the factories

because you have me to do the hub, which can save some of your time
and effeciency.
You don't have to fly to here to audit factories if not necessary as I
can go there to audit and to give you a detail report, which can save
some of your costs and time.
You don't have to collect a lof of samples or goods from a multlipe
list of suppliers as I can collect all of them here on my side and
send to you from my side, which can save you from crazy communication
situation and time and costs.
You don't have to pay a lot of money to sourcing companies to get the
same result. I can be your normal employee here with a salary only.
I can be the representative of your side in Shanghai, China which
means you already have an "office" here.
What I can do for you:
Supplier Sourcing/Manufacturer Developing
Marketing Analyzation
Factory QC Auditting
Shipping Control
Supply Chain Management
International Business Management
I can send my CV & Photo to you if you want.
And below are some of my projects sourcing experience over my 7 years career:
Worked for FERRERO - New China Plant, To source UPS, Diseal Generator,
Tanks & Pipelines suppliers to meet their factory facilities remand.
Worked for FERRERO - New China Plant, To identify and contract with
qualified IT service providers.
Worked for Eldorado (A Brazil pulp factory) to source qualified steel
wires to meet their highly automatic pulp production lines.
Worked for SIGG (SIGG Switzerland AG is a company which specializes in
reusable aluminum water bottle for over 100 years.) by sourcing some
great suppliers to reach their raising marketing demand including the
supplier sourcing, supplier managing and creative agencies for SIGG in
order to provide more promotional items.
Worked for Delviro(A Canadian LED lighting manufacturer) by sourcing
LED lighting parts, OEM parts, Die casts.
Worked for Bombril(one of Brazil's largest Steel appliances companies)
by leading a sourcing process for steel in China.
Worked for Sara Lee (one of the largest retailer company in USA) to
run a complete sourcing strategy from manufacturing to final client
delivery including the international transportation and warehousing &
some accounting services.
Worked for Roullier(large group of healthy and productive nutrition in
France) by running supplier identification & auditing & marketing
Worked for Biomerieux (a leading multinational biotechnology company
specializing in the field of in vitro diagnostics for the medical and
industrial sectors)by running animal blood supplier identification &
marketing analyze.
Worked for North America Advanced Technology as a buyer responsible
for sourcing power plant equipment/ mechanical parts. And to manager
the sourcing on the gas analyzer machine & portable gas leaking
machine & gas monitor.
Worked for GBK-Shop.de as a buyer responsible for sourcing lighting
bulbs & Electrical parts.
Worked for World Technology Corp(USA) as a buyer responsible for
sourcing Solar parts & LED lights.
Worked for IDStechnology(USA) to process the supply chain management
of monitoring system.
Worked for Claflingroup(USA) to source medical equipment.
Worked for BYKO(Iceland) to source oak flooring parquet & Plywood products.
Hope I could get a chance to work for you.
Skype: burke9999
Cell phone: +86-189-18-17-80-58

FROM: BURKE GU This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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