Are you a B2B sales executive? If yes, then you will definitely agree with the fact that it’s quite tough and tedious to reach the busy C-Level executives in today’s competitive business world. Even if you truly believe that the products and services that you are offering can benefit their company immensely to increase their productivity and making more profits, still you never hear back from them.

There are rare cases where the busy executives may call you back or may reply to your email but most often they avoid the calls, emails and the voicemail remain unanswered. However, the task of connecting with C-Level executives can be made much easier if you follow the right prospecting strategy advices sales and marketing expert Jesse Davis.

Here are few tips that can help you to reach C-Level executives, who may respond you back.

  • Implement Multi-Channel Contact Policy: While contacting C-level executive, keep in mind that C- level executives are busy professionals, some may not like phone calls or emails with sales content, so it is always advisable to use Multi-Channel Contact Strategy. First try to contact the C-level executive on LinkedIn, which is the best way to reach them, after that you can email, call and then follow up the call with another email. By implementing this strategy you are sure to build name recognition for yourself and your company. Moreover, while calling the executive if someone else responds to your call, you can ask that person what is the best way to reach the executive; he/she will definitely let you know that.
  • Apart from the product, give something extra to build a relationship: Sometimes the clear value of a product is not enough to convince the C-level executive to call you back. So, it is always advisable to offer them something extra so that they are compelled to call you back. Moreover, the offer should be something that they would think twice to ignore. Implementing this tactic can surely enable you to establish a relationship with them
  • Leave a Voicemail that sounds professional & convincing: It‘s absolutely necessary to keep the call under 30 seconds. Moreover, you must sound professional, positive and fluent with proper usage of grammar. Keep in mind that C-suite executive likes to work with proficient individuals. Simultaneously, make it easy for them to contact you by leaving your phone number or your email address that is easy to remember.

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