Today we will recommend our 8w,18,30w,60w,90w,140w,200w,300w LED fishing light.

Guaranteed To Attract Fish Anywhere!
Sit back, relax, and enjoy asthese amazing underwater lights beautifully illuminate the
waterway and attract theentire aquatic food chain for your viewing or sporting pleasure!

How Do These Lights Attract Fish?

What light we have ?

Details of those lights : Module No. LF-FSL-8W LF-FSL-18W LF-FSL-30W LF-FSL-60W LF-FSL-90W LF-FSL-140W LF-FSL-200WLF-FSL-200W Power 8W 18W 30W 60W 90W 140W200W 300W LEDs 180pcs LG3528 70pcs LG2835 70pcs LG2835126pcs LG2835 224pcs LG2835 420pcs LG2835 588pcs LG2835 840pcs LG2835 Lumen White: 800lm
Green: 600lm
Blue: 160lm
Yellow: 320lm White: 1800lm
Green: 1440lm White: 3300lm
Green: 2400lm
White: 5400lm
Green: 5200lm White: 8550lm
Green: 8100lm White 14000LM Green11200LM White 20000LM Green 16000LM White 30000LM Green 24000LM Size 30*180mm 38*50mm 38*50mm 80*120mm 80*140mm 80*368mm 80*368mm 80*468mm Weight 0.8kg 0.85kg 0.85kg 2kg 2.2kg 2.2kg 2.7kg 3kgVoltage DC12-24V DC12V 10A DC12V 15A DC24V 11A cable 6M 5M Material PC+SUS316 temperature -20D to 30D Applications Widely use in Fisheries: for light cover nets, sea fishing, smallnets, silver nets, fishermen modified nets, ponds, lakes for fishing Color White for General Purpose,Blue for Prawns and Fish,Green for squid
,Yellow Color simulation ecology sunlight, soft light for most of the Fish
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