you are looking at opportunities to expand your tools
supplying scope in Shenzhen of China? everything we can make a further

We are a medium-sized terminal mold factory in Shenzhen, mainly
specializing in automotive, medical, household appliances, electronics
appliances, industrial, various plastic parts for tool making as well as die
casting, metal processing, with massive experience regarding HASCO and DME
standard tools.
Our capability and advantage:
7 CNC (2 sets of MV86A, 1 set of MV106A and 1 set of CV56A with accuracy
0.01mm / 1 set of high speed FV85 with accuracy 0.005mm / 2 sets of VMC850 with
accuracy 0.01mm)
11 EDM (2 sets of Sodick with accuracy 0.001mm / 2 sets of Charmilles with
accuracy 0.001mm / 4 sets of Topedm with accuracy 0.01mm / 3 sets of DHSPK with
accuracy 0.01mm)
6 Wire Cutting (2 sets of Sodick slow-wire-cut with accuracy 0.002mm / 4sets
of Qinyuan quick-wire-cut with accuracy 0.02mm)
12 grinding machines / 12 milling machines
23 injection molding machines (80 - 450 tons)
If anything is of interest to you, please kindly let me know, l am pretty
happy to start a business contact with you.
Sales Manager
Sky Wise Mold Limited
--From: lsider <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

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