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Stainless steel coil

Thickness EXW/ton
EXW/ton EXW/ton EXW/ton
mm 304/2B 201/2B 430 316L
0.4mm US$2,515 US$1,346 US$1,531 US$2,931
0.5mm US$2,423 US$1,362 US$1,423 US$2,931
0.6mm US$2,408 US$1,377 US$1,408 US$2,931
0.7mm US$2,392 US$1,362 US$1,392 US$2,931
0.8mm US$2,362 US$1,346 US$1,377 US$2,885
0.9mm US$2,346 US$1,346 US$1,362 US$2,885
1.0mm US$2,346 US$1,377 US$1,346 US$2,977
1.2mm US$2,315 US$1,192 US$1,331 US$2,977
1.5mm US$2,269 US$1,238 US$1,315 US$2,808
2.0mm US$2,269 US$1,269 US$1,300 US$2,808
2.5mm US$2,269 US$1,315 US$1,300 US$2,808
3.0mm US$2,269 US$1,300 US$1,300 US$2,808
Seamless pipe
Size EXW/ton EXW/ton
mm 316L 304
6*1 US$5,585 -
8*1 US$5,431 -
10*2 US$5,277 -
12*2 US$4,785 -
14*2 US$4,277 -
16*2 US$4,046 -
18*3 US$4,015 US$3,523
20*3 US$3,815 US$3,477
22*3 US$3,785 US$3,477
25*2 US$3,754 US$3,415
25*3 US$3,723 US$3,369
27*3 US$3,692 US$3,308
32*3 US$3,662 US$3,246
38*3 US$3,569 US$3,308
45*3 US$3,477 US$3,231
48-89*4-5 US$3,462 US$3,308
108*4 US$3,554 US$3,185
114*4 US$3,554 US$3,185
133*4 US$3,615 US$3,185
159*4-6 US$3,662 US$3,108
219*6 US$3,769 US$2,969
273*6 US$3,923 US$2,969
325*8 US$4,231 US$2,738
377*8 US$4,569 US$2,738
426*8 US$4,815 US$2,738

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