Powder injection molding technology (PIM) comprises two typical kinds: metal injection molding (MIM) and ceramic injection molding (CIM). It is a novel manufacture technology which combines the respective characteristics of powder metallurgy and plastic molding technology .

In the metal injection molding technology, the selected powder and binder are first mixed and then pelletized to a feedstock. Then the feedstock is subjected into an injection molding mold by injection machines to form the required shape. The polymers in the binders endows its viscous flow characteristics to the feedstock, which contributes to realize uniform filling into the mold cavities of the feedstock and finally forming the required shape. Then removes the binders from the green parts and then the debinded parts are sintered to get a metal or ceramic part. In some cases, the sintered parts may require further densification treatment, heat treatment or machining to meet customers’ requirements. The sintered parts not only obtain the complex shape and high precision as those of metal injection molding parts, but also obtain similar physical, chemical and mechanical properties to those of forging parts. In the traditional mechanical processing technology, a complex component is often made from manufacturing single parts and then assembling of these single parts. While PIM technology offers the chance to integrate the single parts into one complete part which leads directly to shorter or less processes and further to higher efficiency and cost down. Therefore, powder injection molding technology is especially suitable for manufacturing of small precise metal injection molding components with complex shape and special requirements on performance on a large scale.

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Metal Injection Molding Parts

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