We are a specialized precision casting supplier in Guangdong,China since 2001,and we have very professional technical team
help you optimizing the metal precess solution from design,casting,machining,heat-treatment and surface treatment.

85% of our products were exported to Europe, USA and Japan, such as Dorma, Kohler,Fuji and so on,total nearly ten countries.
We have passed the ISO9001,quality assurance documents throughout the procedure, that is all the precess are under controled
and connected to the foundry LAN.

Materials' chemical composition and casting dimension tolerance are the most impotant 2 requirements for most customers,
we implement on-site inspection in most precesses,but not only for dimension and material checking.
We check chemical composition on-site every furnace by spectrometer, the data will transfer to the operator for adjustment by a display screen beside the furnace, and then the final test samples with tracking number/date willbe saved for at least one years.

For every batch goods, we provide 2 reports,including chemical composition report and dimension tolerance report.
Welcome to visit our factory.

thank you.

OLYM Metal Products Co.,Ltd (Guangzhou Office)

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